Bidet Toilet Seat With Warm Water and Warm Air Dryer

Bidets have been around for decades but it’s only now that they are enjoying greater popularity. It can’t be denied that part of the reason why this is so is because of the innovations that have since been introduced to this truly nifty bathroom fixture. In this post, we will highlight the stark benefits of more high-tech bidets like the Bio Bidet 2000.

Bidet Advanced Functions and Their Benefits

Has the ability to provide warmer water.

This is an often-overlooked advantage of more high-end bidets. After all, would you be willing to shoot cold water on yourself when you are already putting up with less-than-desirable freezing weather? This is particularly true for people living in colder climates. 

Most luxury bidets always have the option to provide users with warm water on-demand. It feels significantly better to the skin, and many people who have to use the toilet early in the morning (when temperatures are still considerably frosty) can attest to this. 

The warm water is often made possible by a hybrid heating technology that is incorporated in most premium bidets, like most bidets offered in 

Comes with built-in deodorizers.

This is another underestimated advantage of more advanced bidets. Why settle for just a regular bidet if you can also get rid of any unwanted lingering odor that you might leave behind after using the toilet?

Most bidets like the Bio Bidet 2000 have strong deodorizers that practically block any kind of bad odor, leading to more pleasant toilet experience every time.

Offers different wash modes.

Without a doubt, most women prefer a certain amount of water pressure when washing their sensitive parts. What’s good is that feature-packed bidets almost always include a feminine wash mode. 

Some even offer 3 in 1 nozzles that lets you smoothly shift between wash modes so you easily go for the one that would suit your current hygiene needs.

Provides better overall comfort.

If having a comfortable trip to the toilet is a number-one priority for you, then high-tech bidets would certainly be able to provide them for you every time. 

It’s not just about their ability to help you wash your posterior quickly and cleanly as well. Most also come with specially-designed seats (some are even heated) that simply makes all the difference in terms of comfort. 

Most are almost always eco-friendly.

With a slew of high-tech features that range from the ability to conserve electricity and a built-in energy save mode to virtually reducing your toilet paper usage to zero, advanced bidets are ultimately the best option for the environment.

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