What Is The Main Role of Enforcement and Compliance?

Simply establishing minimum authorized pricing for your goods is not enough. You must actively monitor and enforce the regulations that you have established as well. If you are not doing enough to ensure that your established requirements are being followed by authorized and unauthorized resellers alike, click here for MAP enforcement solutions that may be effective for your business. 

The Critical Need to Identify Violations

Your business has created thoughtful minimum authorized pricing requirements for your authorized dealers and sellers to follow. MAP requirements are established to protect these dealers and sellers as well as to protect your business. Unfortunately, not all authorized sellers will stick to the rules, and some sellers and dealers may not actually be authorized at all. MAP violations directly and negatively affect the bottom line and the reputation of your business and those who are working on your behalf. You must have a strict and effective MAP enforcement procedure in place to ensure that your carefully created requirements are followed. The first step in this procedure involves identifying violations throughout the Internet. This includes those who violate pricing, those who sell counterfeit or knock-off goods and those who damage your business in other ways.

A Simplified Way to Contact Violators

After identifying violators, you must effectively contact them to order that they desist from their current practices. Many businesses are surprised to discover how many MAP violations are in place, and the process of contacting all violators as well as monitoring their compliance of your orders can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. Automating this process is essential if you want to save time and energy. Automation may also ensure that communications do not slip through the cracks. 

The Ongoing Need to Monitor All Online Marketplaces

After you have identified violators, contacted them to demand that they desist and ensured their compliance with your MAP enforcement efforts, the job unfortunately does not end there. Violators may not continue to comply with your requirements. Furthermore, new unauthorized resellers and dealers may crop up as time progresses. The reality is that you must have a convenient and effective way to monitor all online marketplaces. This includes well-known resale platforms as well as those that are easier to overlook. You can see that comprehensive MAP monitoring and enforcement requires your constant attention. Slacking off in these areas can result in serious damage to your brand’s reputation and to your bottom line. As is the case with the process of contacting violators, the best way to continuing monitoring and enforcing your MAP requirements is to automate the process through an effective service provider.

Some service providers take a one-size-fits-all approach to MAP services. However, each business has unique and specific needs based on its products, target audience and other factors. Click here for MAP enforcement services that can be automated and customized specifically to fit your needs. 

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